Trailer winches haven’t changed much in the last 100 years. They still require wading down slippery ramps, or balancing on beams to connect the boat. Straps and cables get twisted, kinked and tangled up and spinning crank arms cause countless injuries each year. But, these are just facts of life that we’ve all learned to live with, until now.

The revolutionary SKYWinch is the opposite of traditional winches and eliminates the hassles and dangers of trailering. Simply leave a bow-line attached to your boat and walk it to your trailer without wading in.

Then just place rope into SKYWinch, pull tight, and start cranking. The Patented wheel grips the rope and easily pulls most lighter-weight boats under 18’. The crank arm will not spin backwards until released with trigger for control led payout.

Accepts ropes to 1/2” diameter and fits most standard trailers with included mounting bracket & hardware.

For best results, use with 1/2” solid-braid rope with break-strength rating that exceeds boat weight.