Powder Coating

The main Powder Coating line accommodates parts up to 72″ in length. A temperature and humidity controlled Environmental Room ensures proper conditioning of materials, eliminates the risk of contamination and helps to achieve Class A specifications.

The application booth features up to 10 reciprocating automatic guns, with manual spray support. Interchangeable color modules allow for efficient color changes and optional material reclamation.

Pretreatment is performed in an all-stainless, 6 stage washing system. Current chemistry utilizes Iron Phosphate and Non-Chrome Sealer to minimize environmental impact.

Other features of the Powder line: High-Efficiency gas convection curing and drying ovens with additional electric Infrared support, In-house DI/RO clean water generation, Complete Waste-water treatment capabilities, and Burn-off furnace for same day stripping and rework of parts.

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