PVC Coating

PVC / Plastisol / Vinyl Coating

With over 30 years of Plastisol Coating experience, Greenfield Finishing is equipped to meet nearly any PVC Coating requirement. The facility offers one inline dual-oven Drag System as well as three overhead Dip Stations. Each of the lines is sized to accommodate heavier parts, including Iron Castings.

Greenfield works closely with several PVC formulators. We rely on the expertise of our suppliers to formulate specialized materials to the specific needs of our Customers. Custom color, durometer, textures, and UV resistance are mixed to order by our Formulators Group.

We are also proud to offer a unique method of Vinyl application; In some cases, PVC can be electrostatically sprayed in our Powder Coating facility. This method is ideal for many types of wire, mesh, or tubular components. Spraying of Vinyl Powder allows increased control of film thickness. Dip-Molding of Vinyl Grips, Caps, etc. is described in the PVC Dip Molding section of site.

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